Sacramento Trad Jazz Camp

13 05 2011

Trad jazz is really great, but where can you learn about it?
Hi, I’m JohnDavid… and that sounded like a really bad start to an infomercial 😉

But really, trad jazz isn’t something most people experience often… or at least they aren’t aware. Have you watched a Disney movie? Then you have heard some form of trad jazz. The theme song for Monsters, Inc. is just one example.

So you’re interested in learning now? How about a trip to the STJS Trad Jazz Camp? I have personally attended the youth camp three times. It’s a really great place with the best teachers you could have. Check it out if you have the chance. Here’s a sample of what you can play…


Bronco Billy’s

13 05 2011

Hey, everyone. We will be performing at Bronco Billy’s Pizza on May 26th.

They have agreed to give us a one-time gig to see if people will actually come to watch us. If enough people come, we could get a regular gig every fourth Thursday! Please check out our facebook event page.

See you there!
Green Tie Jazz Band